Full speech of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh – India

Full speech of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh – India

My dear fellow-citizens, Brothers, sisters and dear children, I greet you all on this Independence Day. Today is certainly a day of joy for us. But on this celebration of … continue reading

Public Health :: CDC Scientist Awarded China’s Highest Honor for Outstanding Contributions to Public Health

Robert E. Fontaine, M.D., CDC senior epidemiologist and Resident Advisor to the U.S. Field Epidemiology Training Program in Beijing, China, has been honored with the Friendship Award of 2007. The Friendship Award is the highest honor given by the Chinese government to recognize non-Chinese experts who have made outstanding contributions to China’s social and economic development.

Relationship :: High-quality adolescent friendships may come at a cost for youth with shared deviant values

The types of friendships adolescents have often reflect their childhood relationships and predict how they do in the future. In a new study, researchers found that antisocial teenagers’ friendships tend to involve less listening, eye contact, and responsiveness, and that these teens spend more time talking about deviant topics such as substance abuse and breaking the law.

Obesity :: Family, friends influence developing obesity

People wondering about excessive weight gain might look to their relationships with family and friends for one clue, suggests new research reported July 26, 2007, in The New England Journal of Medicine.

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