Nutrition :: ACTNOW BC Nutrition campaign launched

A new campaign encouraging British Columbians to eat “just one more” fruit and veggie serving was launched today at Granville Island Market by Gordon Hogg, Minister of State for ActNow BC.

“Just adding one more fruit and veggie to your daily diet, can really make a difference in your overall health and can protect you against some of the most chronic and common diseases, such as type 2 diabetes or heart disease,” said Hogg.

“All British Columbians, from students to seniors, can take small, easy steps towards a healthier lifestyle to ensure quality of life to the end of life.”

The advertising campaign, which includes television, print and transit ads, began on Oct. 8 and will continue for four weeks. The campaign will focus on kids aged six to 10 years old, their parents and seniors. Today’s announcement includes the launch of a seniors’ nutrition guide, as well as a resource for teachers for implementing healthy eating and physical activity into the curriculum.

“We know that as we age, it becomes even more important to ensure a balanced diet,” said Ida Chong, Minister responsible for Seniors’ Issues. “Today we are launching the Healthy Eating for Seniors guide, which is a tool for seniors to have simple, healthy recipes at their fingertips.”

The Healthy Eating & Physical Activity Learning Resource will be implemented in grades 8, 9 and 10 beginning this year in B.C. schools. The resource will give teachers lesson plans that support students in setting healthy goals in eating and physical activity by using strategies that encourage students to think critically and to interact with their teachers and classmates.

“Teachers will now have additional tools to encourage students to develop healthy routines in their daily lives,” said Shirley Bond, Minister of Education. “These resources will complement our recent decision to increase daily physical activity in schools by giving students the background information they need to lead healthier lives.”

The nutrition campaign will also promote a new addition to the ActNow BC website that will allow users to receive daily healthy recipes through e-mail, as well as helpful tips and resources.

“Anytime we can encourage healthier eating is time well spent,” said Dr. Art Hister, ActNow BC Leadership Council member and Global health consultant. “In particular, the Healthy Eating for Seniors guide will help seniors find simple ways to pull together a an easy-to-prepare meal that provides the nutrition they need to feel good.”

Healthy Eating for Seniors is available free to British Columbians. To order a copy, call the Health and Seniors Information Line toll-free at 1 800 465-4911, or in Victoria call locally at 952-1742. The Learning Resource will be made available to all public schools in B.C.

ActNow BC works together with government ministries, the health sector and health promotion partners to deliver programs designed to encourage healthy choices by all British Columbians.

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