Migraine :: Hyperacidity with migraine – Iris versicolor

Mrs. Ri Female, Age: 47 years,- was suffering from hyperacidity for the past about 25 years, along with periodical severe headache (migraine). Her husband is serving in a Central Govt. office which has its own well equipped dispensaries with a number of well qualified Medical Officers. The lady had been taking medical aid through all these years uninterruptedly.

First consultation on – 29 – 03 – 2003.

During investigations in May 2003 in ultrasound scanning cholelithiasis was found and as such cholecystectomy was performed with no relief in her original trouble. Her symptoms were as follows: –

. Almost continuous burning pain at the epigastrium.
. Pain in the left hypochondrium which used to occur occasionally, usually extending to left shoulder and to left arm too.
. This pain of left side used to > by eructations.
. With the headache and the distress in stomach.

– Iris versicolor 200 one dose every third day.
Natrum sulph. 30 was also given inter-currently in the beginning for about two weeks.

She started feeling improvement in all her symptoms in a short time. When she started feeling improvement in all respects only Iris versicolor 200 only was prescribed with placebo inter-currently. Last medicine (Iris versicolor 200) was given on 20 – 11- 2003. By this time she had regained her normal health and she is a happy person now.

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