Headache :: Hyperacidity and Headache – Iris versicolor

Mrs. Nl. a female, had been suffering from hyperacidity, peptic ulcer with severe headache since 1995.

First consultation on 29 – 12 – 2003.

Her symptoms were as follows: –

. Burning and lancinating pains at epigastrium extending into the back. Very distressing. Intermittent.
. Vomiting or loose stools > the distress.
. Along with the abdominal distress she used to feel severe headache > by vomiting.
. Vomiting of very sour and bitter matter.
. Frequent severe pain around the waist.
. Loss of appetite.
. Loss of thirst.
. Tongue coated thickly.
. Frequent attacks of diarrhea.
. Amenorrhea, at the date she gets show of menses by spotting only.
. Hypotension, much weariness.
. Extensive patches of dark color on the whole face including the forehead (dark liver spots).

– Iris versicolor 200 one dose every third day.

Within a short time improvement set in on 31 – 01 – 2004 she reported that she had her periods, just after 12 days of the previous period, but this time the flow was somewhat copious and lasted for two days.

By the end of the month of February she has been feeling a great deal of improvement in all respect, including her general health. She is still under observation.

COMMENTS: Iris vers. has produced as given under black letter symptoms and curious or italic symptoms some of them are as under:
– Sick headache, of gastric or hepatic origin, always beginning with a blur before eyes.
– Dull throbbing or shooting, right forehead.
– Nausea and vomiting: of sour food: whole person smells sour; of thin, watery fluid of exceedingly sour taste.
– Headache with violent pains over eye, supra-orbital region, only on one side at a time.
– Severe pain, through temples and over eyes, with vertigo, nausea and vomiting.
– Headache reflex from acid stomach.
– Vomiting an extremely sour fluid which excoriates throat with burning in mouth, fauces, esophagus and stomach.
– Violent epigastric pains at intervals: before breakfast: from drinking water.
– Burning distress in stomach and pancreas, with watery diarrhea and great prostration.

Against such picture of the features of Iris versicolor from provings the same was selected for the cases described above and it did the job to satisfaction.

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