Kashmir Sufi Movement

Kashmir Sufi Movement is an initiative to promote the real culture of Kashmir that is moderate peaceful Sufi Islamic / Kashmir shaivic trika culture which existed from centuries wherein people of all faiths lived in peace and harmony with each other.

The place known as Kashmir was known as gods own land, resh waer (the abode of saints and reshis) because of its divinity and considerable contribution of numerous mystics rishis, sufis and yogis who only longed for union with the only existent god.

Our aim is to promote the teachings of all these godly men and women so that to revive the real essence of kashmiriat wherein there is no discrimination between people on the basis of personal religious beliefs or independent views.

It is a need of the hour for everybody to contribute in there own ways so that we could give something good and valuable to the next generation who have not seen anything beyond agony, pain and violence.

Our great seers and saints like nund resh, wahab khaar, lal ded , shamas faqir, prakash, raheeb sb sopori, rehman dar did great penances and austerities so that to be an example for the mankind, so that to show to the future generations practically how to live and die.

Many more saints of muslim and pundit origins who were not poets hence very less people know about them have dedicated there lives so that to leave an imprint for people and show a way how to live in peace and harmony and total surrender to divine lord, who might be called by different people by different names but is one ever existent essence and pure love.

We would try to promote the teaching of all these people who believed in co existence, purity of minds, selfless love, non violence and promoting godliness in all societies.

The forum on facebook is open for all suggestions and criticism in a mannered way for all of us are in the same journey maybe at different stages and levels of existence and our goal is same that is union with the divine absolute god.

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