Hypertension :: The true art of homoeopathic magnetotherapy

A lady consulted for high blood pressure (140/98 mm Hg at the time of consultation) soon after first Cesarean delivery. She had been diagnosed with this trouble in her last trimester during a routine pregnancy check up. She did not feel any trouble at all- neither then nor now.

Ever since she had been on a mild anti-hypertensive (stopped just 2 days before), but her BP was not under control. Currently she had a normal appetite, sleep and bowel movements. She did not have any problem with urination. She was also breast-feeding her child normally. Her family history revealed a tendency for hypertension (and even her younger brother suffered with it). She had cravings for refreshing things like oranges and grapes.

In spite of my best efforts I was unable to get any other indications in the case. It was at that time that she remarked that she had also been suffering with the in-growing toenail (right) since the last trimester. I took this complaint as the concomitant in the case.

She was prescribed Magnetis polus australis 30, 9 doses, tid x 3 days to be followed by placebo.
On the 3rd day (i.e. after having taken 6 doses only) her BP turned out to be lesser (130/90 mm Hg). On the 5th day (when on placebo) her BP was 124/80 mmHg. This was a kind of reaction that I never expected from a remedy like this. The other amazing thing was that a few days later she started developing a lot of itching and later urticaria a problem from which she had suffered earlier. Gradually this trouble too subsided and to date her BP remains normal.

This case replenishes our faith in the Principle of Concomitance as taught by Boenninghausen, one of the ablest students of Hahnemann. I must give due credit to my teacher who taught me the true value of the Magnets as ‘proved’ by Hahnemann himself. They would especially be useful in the current times when electromagnetic radiations are all around us and reading the provings will definitely benefit us.

Dr. Gyandas G. Wadhwani
Medical Officer (Homoeopathy), Ali Village Homoeopathic Dispensary,
Dte Of Indian Systems of Medicine & Homoeopathy, Govt. of NCT of Delhi

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