Boger’s Boenninghausen’s Characteristics and Repertory – 1

Before starting understanding “Boger’s Boenninghausen’s Characteristics and Repertory” (I will call this as BBCR), I would like to say that Boger was a keen student of Boenninghausen, and his translation of rubrics from German edition of Boenninghausen’s Thaerapeutic Pocket Book (TPB) into English language is considered more accurate than that of Allen.

PMS :: Premenstrual Syndrome and Homeopathy

Over the past few years, cases in premenstrual syndrome (PMS) have increased because of awareness of this disorder in women. The disruption that severe PMS can cause to the lives of a woman and her family should not be underestimated – it can literally be disabling.

Pharmaceutical :: 5 Years of Schwabe India

Dr. Willmar Schwabe – the oldest name in manufacturing homoeopathic medicines in the world – started to manufacture in 1866 according to the principles established by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

If Hahnemann Were Alive Today!

We all know Dr. Samuel Hahnemann as the founder of Homoeopathic System of Medicine. The whole concept of homoeopathy is based on the laws and doctrines propounded by him namely the Law of Similars, Minimum Dose, and Single Remedy, the doctrine of Potentisation, doctrine of Vital Force, Drug Proving, Individualisation and Miasms.

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