Homeopathy :: Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia (FAHOM)

Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia (FAHOM) is the first ever Homeopathic Institution in Malaysia that runs proper training for the Homeopathic Practitioner.

This is the only Homeopathic Institution which was registered as a Homeopathic teaching Institution in Malaysia, where facilities for practical training in out-patient Homeopathic Medical Center exist.

Homeopathy Has been recognized by Ministry of Health Malaysia under TCM Umbrella Body Since year 2000.

THE FACULTY OF HOMEOPATHY MALAYSIA (FAHOM) is affiliated to The Open International University for Complementary Medicine, was formed in 1979 at Kota Bharu, Malaysia by Lord Pandit Prof Dr Nik Omar and its membership is limited.


The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia (FAHOM)

No.122 Taman Universiti Terbuka Antarabangsa
Kampong Gelang Mas, Meranti,
17010 Pasir Mas, Kelantan, Malaysia

Tel: 012- 9554975 or 09-7972948

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