Homeopathy :: What all of us should know about Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a subject like story of wild elephant understood by five blind men. After Hahnemann all the successing mentors could be like the blind men gave different concepts for the followers to grople about on and on with. Only few saw some what little light in the cave.

To our mind, the actual true physician in true real sense of term is one in a million. It could not be fault of the physicians at all. Humble and honest they may be personally but when it came to deal with subject matter right from first day of college it was never guiding could only misguiding.

It should be of firm belief that for materia medica one should read the true and real, authenticated one, not just any materia medica. So also repertory and its expansions.

We should not give high dynamisations because in long run, all and everybody who take high dynamisations suffer on and on, It is likening age old version of remedy worse than disease itself.

We have so beautiful substances around us which were God given by nature but in proving we keep chosing unwanted substances like neon, krypton, argon, pluton. Where could we be heading really? Is justice served any purpose?

Let us chose path of peace — path of god and godliness. let us not touch high dynamisations. Enough is enough. Experience is the mother of all wisdom.

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