Cerebellar Degeneration

D.R.A. Age 43 years, First visit 7-3-1996. The patient was suffering from Bronchial Asthma since 1973. The attacks used to precipitate during every change of climate, preceded by acute coryza and sneezing bouts followed by breathlessness. The attacks of breathlessness used to aggravate especially during the night time.

The patient is himself a Senior Medical Officer in Punjab and posted at Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Being a resident of a far off place it was not possible for him to visit my clinic personally often therefore the whole treatment was continued through Post.

He is also a chronic patient of Amoebiasis. Stools containing mainly mucus.

Since 1983 he started suffering first from awkwardness of speech, many of the words he used to utter used to become un-intelligible. Then gradual increasing awkwardness in the gait and the movements of the hands followed. Ascending or descending the stairs and the Bus became difficult and the writing became very shaky, even when writing very cautiously letters used to get intermingled.

Whole of the trouble was almost painless.

When he visited my clinic on 7 – 3 – 1996 his gait was so much staggering that he could walk only with the help of two persons supporting him from both sides. Whole his speech was almost un-intelligible. The movements of his arms and hands were very awkward.

On the advice from P. G. I. Chandigarh NMR was done on 20 – 3 – 1990 at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, Defense Research and Development Organization, NMR Research Centre, Delhi. The Report was as under:

Proton NMR imaging of brain and cervical cord done with T1, T2 and proton density SN sequences in axial and sagittal planes.

There is evidence of cerebellar degeneration with prominent folia. Dilated 4th ventricle and giant cisterna magna seen. No focal lesion/abnormal signal intensity seen in brain parenchyma. ov junction and cervical cord normal.

Impression: Findings are consistent with cerebellar degeneration.
No associated pathology in brain parenchyma seen.
Sd/-(Lt/Col. A. JENA)

The patient reported that the reports of all the clinical findings were with P. G. I. Chandigarh. However what he knew about the findings, informed as under:
– All the jerks were exaggerated.
– Finger nose test was negative.
– Distudokinesis, positive.
– Speech – scanning type.
– Straight line test – positive.

The other symptoms he related were:
– Great mental depression.
– Sleepless nights.
– Legs/feet remain cold.
– Feels aggravation in all the complaints during change of weather.
– Temperament very irritable.

Family history:
– He was brought up under strict discipline, because of his over strict father.
– His brother and sister are suffering from Bronchial Asthma.

Previous to the commencement of Homoeopathic treatment he had undergone Allopathic, Ayurvedic and Tibetan treatment with no avail, rather his condition went on deteriorating.

The treatment was started 7 – 3 – 1996 with one dose of Syphilinum 1M followed by one dose of Carbon Sulph. 30 one dose daily.

He immediately started feeling > in the symptoms of Cerebellar Degeneration.

24 – 5 – 1996. Feeling that the progress is lagging in Cerebellar Degeneration.
Felt some > in Amoebiasis.
No > in Bronchitis.
Syphillinum 1M one dose
Carbon Sulph. 200 at long interval.

11 – 6 – 1996. Felt no further improvement.
– Bufo Rana 200 bi-weekly.

21 – 11 – 1996. Gradual > in the symptoms of the Cerebellar Degeneration and in Amoebiasis.
Due to the cold in weather felt < in Bronchitis.

– Bufo Rana 1M followed by Arsenicum 30.

14 – 6 – 1997 Feeling much improvement in all respects.

Bronchitis has also improved. He used to feel < in bronchitis during the months of March and September due to pollens. He fears that it may again < during ensuing flowering season.
For some time had been under much mental stress yet feeling better otherwise his trouble used to < too much in such circumstances.

– Bufo Rana 1M continued at long intervals.

At few times when he developed some trouble in his breathing during the past winter season he was given a few doses of Arsenicum 30 and Carbo veg. 30 singly at different time according to the symptoms he reported.

17 – 7 – 1998 He reported that he is feeling some relapse in the symptoms of cerebellar degeneration.

– Phosphorus I M at long intervals.
(Phosphorus was prescribed on the rubric brain softening – ‘Repertory of Herring’s Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica’ by C. B. Knerr)

24 – 10 – 1998 Reported wonderful effect.
– Phosphorus 1 M continued as before.
9 – 3 – 1999 Reported that he is again feeling instability while changing posture.
– Phosphorus 10 M at much longer interval.

12 – 6 – 1999 Improvement set in and he went on improving. But this time he felt some < in his bronchial asthma during summer.
– Ipecac. 1 M gave him prompt relief.

14 – 7 – 1999 Reported Nasal allergy.
Frequent urination.
Great weariness, feels easily tired.
– Phosphoricum acidum 200.

6 – 6 – 2000 Till a few days before he wrote this report the improvement in all respects continued well.
For the past few days finding difficulty in controlling the movements of his hands and the head.
Temperament has become quite irritable.
– Nux vomica.1 M

13 – 9 – 2000 Nux vomica 1 M improved him a lot but for the past few days he again felt some agg. in his movements.
– Baryta carb. 1M

27 – 1 0 – 2001 After Baryta carb. Improvement again set in. But an attack of acute Bronchitis was precipitated as such allopathic help was called (being at a far of place). He was given steroids to control the Bronchitis. After this attack he again felt agg. in his condition. – Syphylinum 10 M one dose
followed by Carbon Sulph 200 occasional dose.
He again set on the path of improvement.

12 – 8 – 2002 As already stated, he was brought up under strict control of his father as such he often feels great psychological stress and mental depression; and he often feels greatly perturbed by this state.
– Carcinocin 1 M one dose
followed by occasional dose of Natrum mur. 200.

4 – 10 – 2002 Reported that he felt much improvement in his mental state.
– Natrum mur. 1 M which improved him a lot.

Last communication with him so far was on 30 – 4 – 2003. He was busy with the construction his new house. He is very much normal now with respect to his body balance, movements of his limbs.

During this period from 7 – 3 – 1996 to 30 – 4 – 2003 he visited me thrice. When he visited me in March, 2000 (his third visit) he had regained his controls nearly 80%.

During June, 2002 he sent me the following note/certificate:

I am a doctor serving as Senior Medical Officer in P. C. M. S. &suffer from Cerebellar degeneration. After reading about Dr. Mamgain in a reputed journal, I opted for his treatment. His drug worked like miracle. My speech, imbalance & coordination of muscles improved & the progress (of the disease) has considerably slowed down.

I shall request my brothers & sisters who are suffering from Cerebellar degeneration, Parkinsonism, Alzheimer?s disease etc., etc. to try homoeopathy. They may consult any good homoeopath. However the address of Dr. S. K. Mamgain is as follows:

Dr. S. K. Mamgain
218-220, D. L. Road,
The purpose of this letter is to benefit the needy & not to publicize.
Sd –
Dr. Rajiv Asthana

Note: Every homoeopathic physician knows well that the homoeopathic prescribing is not based on clinical pathology alone, rather it is based on the perverted personality of the patient. This personality is based on certain factors, viz. (1) location, (2) sensation, (3) modalities, (4) concomitant, along with the inherent Miasm and causation, etc.

In the present case there are some factors due to which the detailed history of the case could not be elicited

(1) The patient being very much handicapped could not relate himself clearly.
(2) Regular personal rapport was not possible as the patient used to live at a far off place and the communication was done by post only.

Our Materia Medica is a store house of the personalities of the drugs and the diseases as well. So, whatever symptoms were available I prescribed for him according to my own logic (may be a lame one). But my prescriptions worked. Therefore I presented this case to impress how homoeopathy works.

(For the information of the readers I use 4 – 5 globules of No. 10 size saturated in the potencies of the remedies as a dose.)


“Doon Ratna” Dr. S. K. MAMGAIN, Gold Medalist
218, D. L. ROAD, DEHRA DUN – 248 001
Phone No. (0135) 2656578 (Res.)

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