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I met my long cherished doctor friend who was frail with flowing grey hair and craning neck. He told me a story: Once upon a time, an ignorant king heard the bellow of an animal in the dead of night.

He wanted to know where from it came. So he deputed 5 blind men and told them to decipher the creature. The men reached the spot. One touched the tail and said it is rope. Another touched the trunk and said it is snake. Third one touched the leg and said it is pillar. Fourth touched the back and said it is sack. The fifth touched the tooth and said it is sword. Little did they realize that it was a sleeping wild elephant and by that time, it woke up and trampled upon them. Later the king sent a wise man to find out. The wise man preferred to go in broad daylight. He took iron-shackles with him and when the elephant was sleeping, he tranquilized it and chained it at all four corners. Homeopathy is like the wild elephant. Release it in high potency. It will quell the patient himself before quelling the disease

Next day the king asked his commandos to allow him to ride on the elephant. The commandos were hesitant and said that as per protocol, he has to ride a horse only. But the king was adamant. He was fond of pomp and show. He climbed the elephant. The elephant got wild, swung him and killed him. Homeopathy like the elephant needs to be used appropriately. And ‘Change’ is a hostile word to this system.

2) Suppression is not cure and Cure is not suppression. Cure has to follow the Hering’s law. It should follow the TRIPOD criteria i.e. there should be total disappearance of complaint, there should be relief in the SECOND ROUND and long lasting and thirdly, there should not arise a single new complaint. If just a single criteria is not met, it is not cure but suppression

3) Anything homeopathic substance that suppresses has AMT effect i.e. Accumulative ( piling upon the vital force), Multiplicative ( with effects more than one) and Tissue-withering effect

3) The mistake one makes every time is to discuss the Materia Medica disease wise instead of individualizing. A phos acid subject embracing HIV will need Phos acid only. The complaints will develop per his own subject. If the trouble is compounded by diabetes, he still needs Phos acid only and no other homeopathic substance will suit him because it is not in his nature to accept anything other than phos acid. IT IS NOT AT ALL IN HIS NATURE

4) Odd substances like hydrogen, neon, and argon (being proved in globe today) are not demanded by vital force. A substance that is not demanded will only seem to be suitable but not precise enough to be suitable. A substance that only seems to be suitable suppresses. And in homeopathic form, it always has the AMT effect

5) In the practice of this subject, one has to use emotional intelligence, called ‘theevra viveka’ in Sanskrit. One should make distinction between ‘weakness’ and ‘exhaustion’ and between ‘pain’ and ‘ache’ which have different connotations for the patient.

6) Use low potency for one and all including the mentally challenged–low use now, next time and at all times

My friend ended his sermons. I looked at his flowing grey hair. The luster seemed to strike my brain more than my eyes.

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