Homeopathic Medicine :: Berberis Vulgaris – Barberry

Indicated in kidney troubles with pain in the back, extending to different parts, sometimes difficult to locate; the pain is stitching, jerking, lancinating, tearing. Also in diseases of the liver, with indigestion, vomiting of food, soreness of the liver, bilious colic, gall-stone colic, and jaundice. In lumbago, the pain extending from the back around the body and down the legs with bright-red urine containing mucous sediment.

Nausea before breakfast.

Pain in small of the back, radiating to different parts of the body.

Soreness to touch in the renal region; urine very red.

Rheumatic pains in the arms, shoulders, legs feet.


Stitches in the back, in the renal region, worse from motion (respiration), extending into the abdomen, hip, loins, bladder etc.

Pain in the thigh and loin when urinating.

Stitching pain in the liver, gall-bladder, in front of the kidneys, radiating to different parts of the body; deep in the ilium.

Urine bright-red, containing thick mucus; mealy sediment.

Diarrhoea, painless, clay-colored.

Skin itches and burns; worse from scratching, small boils and pustules.

Worse from motion; from fatigue; from scratching.

(First Lessons in the Symptomatology of Leading Homoeopathic Remedies by H. R. Arndt, M. D. Philadephia. Boericke and Tafel.)

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