Homeopathic Medicine :: APIS

1. – Child lies in torpor; delirium; sudden shrilling cries; squinting; grinding teeth; boring head in pillow; one side twitching, the other paralyzed; head wet from sweating; urine scanty, milky.

2. – Redness and swelling, with stinging burning pain in the eyes, eyelids, ears, face, lips, tongue, throat, anus, testicles.

3. – Very busy, restless; changing kind of work, with awkwardness; breaking things.

4. – Enlargement of right ovary, with pain in pectoral region, and cough.

5. – Burning, stinging pains like bee stings, occurring occasionally.

6. – Great soreness when touched on pit of stomach, under the ribs, on the abdomen.

7. – Absence of thirst, with scanty urination.

8. – Oedema, or dropsy, without thirst.

9. – Skin usually white, almost transparent. (With ovarian dropsy.)

10. – Stinging and burning pains in the face, throat urethra, ovaries, piles, tumors, panaritium, carbuncles, indurations, schirrhus, open cancers, etc.


(SEVEN-HUNDRED RED LINE SYMPTOMS from COWPERTHWAITE’S MATERIA MEDICA ; Written by Class of 1897 of Chicago Homoeopathic Medical ; Rewritten by J. W. Hutchison, M. D. of Saginaw, Mich.)