Homeopathic Medicine :: Antimony Tartaricum – Tartar Emetic

Indicated chiefly in affections of the respiratory tract; in small-pox.

Great lassitude and drowsiness.

Sawing respiration.

Child anxious; clings to others; wants to be carried about; is touchy, does not allow itself to be handled.

Face pale, expressive of distress; distorted, cold, livid; twitching of the face.

Skin cold; covered with clammy, sticky perspiration.

Tongue thinly coated white, with red papillae, red, in streaks or dyr in the median line.

Throat filled with mucus, making breathing difficult.

Cough with loud bubbling rales; rattling in throat and lungs.

Rattling of mucus; child seems choking to death; cannot relieve itself of the phlegm.

Cough excited by eating and by outbursts of temper. Often terminates in copious vomiting of mucus and prompt relief.

Pustules on the body, leaving a bluish-red mark; they develop slowly and are slow in passing through suppuration.

Worse in a warm room; from lying down at night, during damp cold; from change of weather.

Better from throwing up mucus; from expectorating; from sitting upright; from keeping still, in the cold, open air.

(First Lessons in the Symptomatology of Leading Homoeopathic Remedies by H. R. Arndt, M. D. Philadephia. Boericke and Tafel.)

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