Homeopathic Medicine :: Ammonium Muriaticum – Sal Ammonia.

Indicated chiefly in diseases of the respiratory organs, with much prostration; in fat, bloated persons of lax fibre and of indolent, sluggish habit. Body large and fat; leg, too thin (H. N. Guernsey). ?Its periods of aggravation are peculiarly divided as to the bodily region affected; thus the head and chest symptoms are worse mornings; the abdominal in the afternoon, the pains in the limbs, the skin and febrile symptoms in the evening ? (Wm. Boericke).

Acrid, hot, watery, coryza, corroding the lips.

Soreness of the nose, as though ulcerated. Itching. Annoying sense of obstruction, with constant but unavailing efforts ot get relief by blowing nose.

Hoarseness and burning of the larynx.

Throat swollen internally and externally, with fulness in the tonsils and difficulty of swallowing.

Sore spot behind uvula, better from eating.

Dry, hacking cough, loose in the afternoon, with rattling and copious raising of mucus.

Burning of small spots in the chest.

Icy coldness between the shoulders, not better from covering warmly.

Chronic congestion of the the liver.

Constipation of hard, crumbling stool, covered with mucus; after stool, smarting and soreness in the rectum.

Diarrhoea of green, mucous stools (occur also during menses).

Menstrual flow too early, profuse, dark, clotted, especially copious at night; the feet ache while menstruating.

Leucorrhoea like the white of egg, with colicky pain about the navel.

After urinating, brown, slimy discharge from the vagina.

Pain in the coccyx, as from a bruise, when sitting or lying down.

Worse from lying on the back, after eating, after cold drinks, in the morning, when getting up.

(First Lessons in the Symptomatology of Leading Homoeopathic Remedies by H. R. Arndt, M. D. Philadephia. Boericke and Tafel.)

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