Herpes :: Homoeopathy and Herpes – an experience

There are two varieties of virus infections known as herpes: 1. herpes simplex 2. Herpes zoster

1. Herpes simplex is a clutch of inflamed blisters (cold sore) around the mouth or some other mucus membrane. Most people carry the virus all their lives, without symptoms. .This is a harmless disorder.

2. Herpes zoster is caused by the same virus as chickenpox. The virus, like that of herpes simplex, lies dormant in the tissues and may flare up after many years after the chickenpox. The virus establishes itself around sensory nerve cells about to enter the spinal cord, and causes painful blisters in the area of skin served by the affected nerves. In various cases pain (neuralgia) persists when the infection has subsided.
It is said that herpes zoster (shingles) always manifests itself when the patient’s immune system is weakened by physical, emotional, and mental stress.

It has been seen that usually the attack starts with stitching and burning pain in the affected area. The infected area also becomes sensitive to touch. Then follows a red pimply eruption, which soon turns into blisters. Some times the pimply eruption come up first with no much pain, the pain follows. If, proper homoeopathic treatment is given in the beginning the whole trouble finishes within a week.
I happen to treat numerous cases of herpes zoster, which came under my care at different stages of the disease. Among these cases there were some cases of herpetic neuralgia, which were suffering for long time. Most of the cases got cured. In the cases of herpes no pathological evidence could be presented as it has been done in my previous article ‘Jaundice and Homoeopathy’. But, still few examples of the cases from my case records are quoted hereunder for the general information of the readers as a proof of efficacy of homoeopathy in such a painful disease as herpes zoster.

Case 1. On 12-2-1986 a 15 years old girl was brought. She was feeling stitching pain, burning and aching in the area under left axilla and scapular region left side of back. Numerous blisters were showing up. Homoeopathic treatment was started. On 14-2-1986 she reported much relief in pain and burning.
By 18-2-1986 she was much better in all respects. Medicine for three days more was given and no further medication was required any more. She was cured.

Case 2- It is on 22-7-1992, a 32 years old gentleman came to me. He was suffering from herpes above left eye, left side of forehead and temple. He was suffering with usual burning, stinging pains and over sensitiveness in the affected area. Blisters have started appearing in the area. His tongue was mapped. Homoeopathic treatment was commenced. He started feeling improvement promptly in pain and by 9-8-1992 he was almost well. Last medicine was given on 9-8-1992 for four day. He did not require any further medication. He was cured of his eruption and pains completely.

Case 3- On 13-8-1990 a lady aged 52 years was brought to me. She was suffering from herpes for the past more than ten days on left side of chest and back, along with coryza, headache and fever. Homoeopathic treatment was started on the same day i. e. 13-8-1990. Improvement promptly set in. By 1-10-1990 she got perfectly well. She remained well ever since.

Case 4- A lady aged 77 came to my clinic on 23-5-1993. She had been suffering from herpes in left hypochondrium and flank since 18-4-1993. She had been taking some treatment by which her wounds had healed. The scars were showing that she had severe eruption. Although the wound had healed but, the skin of the infected area was hypersensitive so much so that even the touch of the clothes was unbearable. Intense burning and stinging pains were persisting. For the past few days she was feeling:
– persistent nausea and retching,
– frequent belching of wind with difficulty in breathing,
– no appetite,
– frequent urination,
– sleeplessness and
– intolerance to heat.
Homoeopathic treatment was started on 23-5-1993. She started feeling relief promptly in all the symptoms and by 30-5-1993 she was almost well.

Case 5- A lady aged 75 came to my clinic on 25-6-1996. About four months ago she had attack of herpes on left side of abdomen, hypochondrium and back. She was treated empirically the wound had healed. But, the herpetic neuralgia was persisting. She was still suffering from very distressing burning, cutting and stinging pains. She had hypersensitivity of the skin in the affected area with intense itching. The other symptoms were:
– loss of appetite,
– alternately constipation and loose stools,
– very anemic.
She was also suffering from chronic rheumatic pains in lower limbs, which used to increase during damp weather. She used to feel aggravation in pains on beginning to move.
The homoeopathic treatment was commenced on 25-6-1996. Gradually she started feeling relief in the pains and by 19-9-1996 her herpetic neuralgia was completely gone. This case took comparatively longer time, perhaps, because of the patient suffering from chronic rheumatism and also the old age.

Case 6- This is the case of an old gentleman of 86 years of age. When he came to me about six yeas ago he was suffering from herpes zoster in right arm for more than a month. His whole right arm was covered with deep wounds as of burns and the arm was very much emaciated. He had severe pains in the arm. He was unable to move the arm. But, through homoeopathic treatment all his complaints vanished and he regained complete normalcy in his arm. In this case it took the longest time of about a year to regain the normal state, which was permanent.

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  1. hello sir, my father is of 72 year old suffering with herpes on his left side chest and same side at back since 29th april 2012. even though he was given some treatment but still he feeling very much burning pain. you are kindly requested to convey some treatment if possible.
    Sec-18 Rohini

  2. Dear Rajesh, I would advise you to take your father to some homeopathic doctor nearby. Because treating herpes requires his complete examination and case-taking to know about his personality and constitution which is essential to prescribe homeopathic medicines. Warm Regards.


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