Experience of Polarities – The Secret of the Vital force and Healing

On June 23, in webinar, Dr Jayesh Shah will discuss his new techniques, a combination of a number of meditative techniques integrated into the Sensation Method. This method of allowing deepest expression of the Vital Force often results in instant healing combined with deep insights into the homeopathic remedy and its source.

In this unique seminar, Dr. Shah will focus on exploring human consciousness through cases that have experienced healing at a very deep level. He has been developing these methods for the last ten years and this highly refined method of case taking focuses on understanding and experiencing the two polarities contained within every state.

Through not only understanding but experiencing the two polarities during the case taking, a deep sense of wholeness and healing is possible and the homeopathic remedy emerges in a profound way.

r Shah is a renowned homeopath from the Bombay School of Classical Homeopathy. Practicing for almost twenty-five years, he has gained a reputation as a skilled teacher and a keen homeopathic prescriber. He is much sought after as an educator and has conducted numerous seminars around the world.

He began practicing classical homeopathy full time in 1981. He then began teaching in 1989, and has taught in India, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Australia and The Netherlands.

Dr. Shah is affiliated with the Maui Academy of Homeopathy (USA) and the Society of Classical Homeopaths (Sydney, Australia). He is also the trustee of the Homeopathic Research and Charities.

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