Heart Disease :: Mitral n Aortic Valve Stenosis are curable without surgery

The complications of Rheumatic Arthritis are much more dangerous & tedious to cure.According to advanced research performed on Homoeopathic medicinal potencies it is possible to cure stenosis of mitral & aortic valves completely with the help of only HIGHLY QUALITATIVE HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINE.

Now advanced & Fundamental principles of Homoeopathy based on QUANTUM MECHANICS/PHYSICS science can help to cure such complications of Rheumatic Arthritis completely.

The energy of homoeopathic medicine, is to be administered so accurately, according to the type of stenosis of valve, affected in individual patient of Rheumatic Arthritis for curative processes.

Once the A.S.O. Titre & A.N.A. Tests turn to negative from positive side,it becomes very easy to cure Stenosis of Mitral & Aortic valves.

The patient starts showing improvement in an hour only.This is only possible because of application of ” DOMINANT POWER” FOR CURATIVE PURPOSES,BASED ON ADVANCED PRINCIPLES OF QUANTUM PHYSICS/MECHANICS in the form of medicinal power possessed of isotopes of light particles.Applications of light particles for curative purposes in Homoeopathic therapeutics is very much fundamental approach for curative processes in individual patient.The technique of such applications in Homoeopathic system of Medicine is a Nature”s gift to human beings invented by Dr. Hahnemann.

We have noticed & documented the curative results in our RESEARCH CENTRE.Many patients of Rheumatic Arthritis have been completely cured with normal reports of bloos,heart ,joints & muscles.

No doubt there is no other type of curative procedure except HOMOEOPATHY.

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13 thoughts on “Heart Disease :: Mitral n Aortic Valve Stenosis are curable without surgery”

  1. Dear Sir, I am a young doctor in Homoeopathy. I have a young patient, age-30 year, he is suffering from severe mitral stenosis and moderately aortic stenosis.
    Please tell me some group of medicine and some idea about treating that patient.
    Thanking you
    Yours faithfully
    Dr. Dinesh

  2. dear sir, meri mataji ki umra 55 year hai.
    unko 25-30 year se mitral stenosis ki samasya hai.
    kya homoeopathy meri mataji ki madad kar sakti hai?
    plz sir mujhe homoeopathy ka mitral stenosis par effect par guidance dijiye.
    ya koi homoeopathy ka accha sa upchal bataye aapki badi kripa hogi.

    • Arnica 30c in the Wet dose has helped patients suffering from cardiac problems in the past.

      Take Arnica 30c in the Wet dose taken thrice daily leaving about half hour between remedies.

      Nat Phos 6x dose 2 tablets taken immediately after each of 3 meals daily. Record your weight before you start on the NP and you should drop at least 1kg per week.

      Spend some time in at least walking as briskly as is possible without overloading your heart. The idea is to sweat it out as much as is possible without causing any distress to yourself.

  3. Dear Sir, Kindly provide me the mitral valve treatment in homeopathy. I am suffering from MV stenosis since last 30 years. regards. BPSINGH

  4. I am suffering from mvp.Today the size of my mitral valve is 1.3 to 1.4cm2.what can i do pls make any treatment for above disease.

  5. Sir.meri mummy ki Valv 1.1 hi 3bar opreation ho gya h Pralsis ki patent h valve bdla nhi ja skta h.sir medicin s iska aera badh skta h plz sir reply.

  6. Sir
    My 4years old son suffering from severe congenital aortic stenosis along with bicuspid valve from his birthday and in his his 3months age he has gone through balloon aortic valvoplasty which causes minor aortic regurgitation.
    Is there anything remedying in homeopathy?

  7. My husband is suffring from arotic stenosis.his age is 36.valvaplasty ho chuki hai in 1997.no chest pain. Work capacity is low.please any medicine batao.

  8. I am 42 years old suffering from Aortic Valve stenosis as per 2D Echo the efficiency of the heart is in the range of 35-40 %. There is calcification in the valve flaps resulting in leakage. I discovered this on 9th April 16 during an medical examination for high blood pressure(190/100) now the blood pressure has normalised post medication. Kindly advise if this can be cured without surgery by taking homeopathy


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