Asthma :: Homeopathic cure for Asthma patients

Asthma, a day to day dreaded term used by the patients and their family members is quite a conditon which required a newer and deeper look in its treatment and ultimately Cure through Homoeopathy said Dr. A.K. Gupta in the recently held Free Homoeopathic Camp on ASTHMA Organised at OVIHAMS (Sh.Om-Vidya Institute of Homoeopathy and Allied Medical Sciences) on Sunday the 21st November.

Asthma :: Home environment changes may relieve asthma

Inner-city families can help relieve children’s asthma symptoms by making simple changes in their homes. Such steps include using pillow covers that are impermeable to dust mites, and air purifiers to get rid of tobacco smoke, mold and cat or dog allergens.

Asthma :: Program reduces asthma-related illness in inner-city children

A program that reduces allergens and tobacco smoke in the home resulted in fewer asthma-related illnesses in children participating in the intervention than in those who were not, according to a new study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Children taking part in the intervention had 21 fewer days of asthma-related symptoms over the 1-year course of intervention.

Asthma :: Acetaminophen use may increase asthma risk

To evaluate the effect of acetaminophen (Tylenol and other similar products) on asthma risk, Dr. R. Graham Barr, from the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York, and colleagues analyzed data from the Nurses Health Study, which has been following more than 120,000 women.

Asthma :: Children in Shelters suffers from Asthma

A health study of homeless children shows that about half of those entering the New York City shelter system have asthma, a finding that underscores the increased health risk to the most vulnerable population and the challenges faced by those who serve them. This may be true for children in slum dwellers in all major cities worldwide.

Asthma :: Bronchial Asthma and Homoeopathy

Bronchial asthma is essentially a disorder of the immune system, affecting the lungs and airways. Asthma is classified into types. But it is often not possible to distinguish between the two.

Asthma :: Asthma drugs

Researchers have found that inhaled asthma drugs are more effective than oral treatment for adults with mild or moderate asthma.

Asthma :: Suppression of Mind – Ignatia

On June 6 1996, Master M, age two and a half year was brought to me with the C/O Bronchial Asthma. The Asthma dated back to the time when the patient was just two days old. Since then he has had many episodes of breathlessness and cough, which were being managed by allopathic treatment. Now the family wanted to start a homoeopathic treatment.

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