Asthma :: Homeopathic cure for Asthma patients

Asthma, a day to day dreaded term used by the patients and their family members is quite a conditon which required a newer and deeper look in its treatment and ultimately Cure through Homoeopathy said Dr. A.K. Gupta in the recently held Free Homoeopathic Camp on ASTHMA Organised at OVIHAMS (Sh.Om-Vidya Institute of Homoeopathy and Allied Medical Sciences) on Sunday the 21st November.

It was observed during the camp that a larger percentage of young children are more prone to Asthmatic bronchits due to the low resistance. Many a patients were found to be using Inhailers for many – many years and told that initially they responded quickly but gradually the effect has been less and that they have to use more frequent and stronger mediaction in puff and at times had to take Steroids also, but still they have not been able to get cured permanently.

In the initial stages patient may get Sneezing, cold cough and breathlessness with Wheezy chest. It is observed that the during the change of climate both from summers to winters or vise versa patients suffer the maximum. Patients are usually found to be allergic to Dust, Smoke, Pollens, Insects, Various Food Stuff.

Dr.Gupta, recipient of International Hahneman Award of the Millennium said ther is a very close relationship seen in the patients of asthma that at one time or the other they do suffer from Skin problems also mainly Urticarea or Eczema where suppressive treatment has been given to patients & further said that they alternate in manifesting their symptoms during treatment, whereas after Homoeopathic treatment the chain is broken and one gets free from both the problems without any adverse effect said the direct OVIHAMS.

He suggested that the exposure to the sudden change, extreme of weather, usage of synthetics as drugs, food, medicines and clothes does affect it adversely. Fresh air, light exercises, avoidance of heavy food stuff specially at night can save the acute attack, children should specially avoid the cold, sour and fried food including the food containing artificial colors and resins etc.

Along with treatment plain water Steam Inhailation has shown very encouraging results. During the change of weather and post Diwali days patients of Asthma suffer more sply. the children and elderly people. Dr. A.K.Gupta Director, OVIHAMS emphasises that Homoeopathy Ensures Health Safely and has a large number of patients treated through homoeopathic treatment which cure the patients of Asthma with no adverse effects.

He also informed that from next month of Dec OVIHAMS is being shifted to J – 158, Rajouri Garden and future monthly camps would be conducted there only. For any query and information Ph:- 25430368, 25936960, 55465447, M- 9811341238, Website

Prof Dr.A.K.Gupta
Sr. Homoeopathic Consultant
Director – OVIHAMS
J – 158, Rajour Garden, New Delhi – 110027
RU – 115, Pitam Pura, New Delhi – 110034
Ph: – 25101989, 25430368, 55465447
R – 25102322, M – 9811341238
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Asthma :: Homeopathic cure for Asthma patients
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