Right to Health if UPA is voted to power again

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has severely criticised Left Front Government in Tripura for failure to develop the state.

Addressing a meeting at Vishalgarh 30 kilometers off Agartala this afternoon, Rahul said no development work is visible in Tripura despite the centre sending enough funds to the state.

Rahul Gandhi said UPA regime in the centre uplifted 15 crore people from below the poverty line in the country while the number of BPL families in Tripura have gone up.

Pitching for Right to Health to ensure good health for all, he told a meeting in Koroimura that if UPA is voted to power again it will be implemented as it brought in Food Security to all and MGNREGA to ensure employment.

Rahul Gandhi said though Congress could empower women to some extent by introducing the Panchayati Raj system, there is much more to be done.

Rahul Gandhi added that it was the Congress Government which amended the Land Acquisition Bill for the benefit of the farmers.

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