Diarrhea :: A case of diarrhoea – Veratrum Album

A boy aged 8 years was brought to me in almost dying condition. I could notice that when the mother entered my room her fingers were on the pulse of the boy which she was not able to get. The boy was well the day before but had diarrhoea and vomiting in the morning and these completely weakened him.

His eyes looked sunken and was cold. There was cold perspiration on the forehead and no pulse could be felt at the wrist.

I hastened to give him Veratrum Album 30 1 dose.

He had thirst. The mother of the boy worked in the nearby field and continued to make anxious enquiries. I asked her not to worry but keep patience. I was satisfied that the whole picture was of Veratrum Album and so ordered Verat Album 30 to be made in 4 oz phial in water and to give one spoonful every 5 minutes till improvement.

I kept the boy for 1 hour in my observation and soon after giving the medicine he showed improvement and opened his eyes. For the day I advised to continue Veratrum Album 30 every 3 to 4 hours.

Next day I was glad to see the boy walking to my room alone.

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