Joint Pain :: Pain in her left shoulder joint – Ferrum Met

Mrs. S., aged 46 years came to see me for pain in her left shoulder joint and feared that it might develop into paralysis.

The duration of the trouble was one month and she could obtain no relief in the Railway Hospital.

At times there was tingling in the fingers and she was unable to grasp anything tightly by her left hand.

I could not get any significant point as to the origin of the disease.

I based my prescription on the location of the pain and prescribed Ferrum Met 30 4 doses daily for 4 days.

Four days later the lady returned completely cured.

She asked me whether the disease would not recur.

I asked her to take the medicine for another 4 days and not to worry.

This lady often visits me for the treatment of her children and I have an opportunity to ask her about this trouble. More than 2 years have passed since she had this trouble and this has not recurred.

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