Chikungunya :: Treating after effects of chikungunya

Chikungunya is turning out to be a national epidemic & a major calamity. There are horror stories of whole villages in Rajasthan being affected & old people who are so debilitated that they are not able to feed themselves.

Even after the fever goes away, patients are afflicted with severe joint pains for months. At this rate, it is conceivable that a large number of working people of our country will be unable to work for several months to come.

Those who sought Allopathic treatment for this disease were advised to take Paracetamol. Some Antibiotics were also recommended. To take care of pain, Pain Killers & Steroids were also suggested. This line of treatment has been given very wide publicity through newspapers. However, Patients who were subjected to this line of treatment were left with severe joint pains, which totally incapacitated them.

Many patients complained if severe stomach irritations as a consequence of long-term use of painkillers & other drugs.

Doctors in various conferences noted, No vaccine or specific anti-viral treatment was available for this fever. Neither are there preventive drugs. Since the disease was said to spread through mosquito bites, people were advised to wear long-sleeved dresses & trousers!!! It was clear that Allopathic specialists were encountering a public health problem that they could not comprehend.

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Chikungunya :: Treating after effects of chikungunya
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  1. I have been diagnosed of chikungunya virus . And i have rashes all over my body very itchy does this itchiness really comes frm that chik v.
    Please reply. Im dying to know the reason Thank you so much

    • I will like to know if someone answer you the question. I get a test for chikungunya and waiting for the results. Right now I have an itchiness that is getting me crazy. Have a greater day.

  2. i also have been diagnosed of chikungunya..i went to a doctor and he just gave me medicine for the relief of the itching…the rashes are gone but until now the joints of my foot still aches..and its terrible..when i wake up in the morning its more terrible…sometimes i cant even walk..and its been a week..pls help me

    • My Mom has chickungunya although they are not saying it is yet but I know better. She is suffering from a horrible itchy body rash and nothing is making the rash go away nor is there relief in the itching any suggestions will greatly be appreciated. She has gone to the Doctors they gave her cream and made it worse they gave her pills and that does not work. She has tried the organic apple cider vinegar, alovera, calamine lotion. She cant sleep because of the itch. Please help. Thank you in advance.

  3. @jenalyn
    i have been diagnosed too. up until now, i experience joint/muscle pains. similar to you, in the morning, i find it difficult to stand up and even walk sometimes. i take arcoxia for the pain.
    doctors say this effect of the virus may last from months to years..

  4. I really don’t think this is caused by being bitten by a mosquito, this is some chemical reaction by some nuclear gas. I know the scientists know what is happening or what has happened, bit jidt afraid to speak out. People right around the world has this sickness, the babies, teenagers, adults and the old. Speak out and tell the people the truth about this chickungunya.

  5. I too have caught the chikungunya virus and the itching is so intence the joint pain is gone but the itching is still here i cant even shower in cold water dont know what to do….. Help!!

  6. I have just had it and took raw leaves of papaya blended with a little water twice daily and it made a huge difference with the pain and swelling. Can’t recommend it strongly enough.

  7. Can kola nut tea help?….I have been diagnosed with the I am itching all over and I have blurred vision.

    • I hard it as well the same thing no difference an my one gone when I use the calobine lotion it works trust me

      • is actually calamine lotion and that dont work…right about now i scratching out my life and it literally paste myself with it and its been on my skin whole day and it hasnt done anything at all

  8. had it 2 days ago,as soon as I realized it I started taking advil.After a day a had no joint pains and the rashes were gone,all I was left with was a headache,sick stomach and a high fever so I started taking panadol and now I have and intense itching all over my body

  9. I had chikunguya and us something to remember man, no joints pain or fever or head ache. but the itching is so intense I cry night and day I drink busy like four times day but still never work and its been a week now and still itch…
    when I drink milk or sorrel it get worse…
    I even do bleach thing in water when I bathing to try take away the itch bit still never work.etc…
    terrible man!!!!

  10. I felt very weak two days ago, next day ihad 39.5 fever, hardly could walk or get up, my head feeling like exploding. Both of my hands could not grip anymore from the pain it caused. Started with 2 paracetamol, another 4 over the day and did not help anything. Went to the doctor and described arcoxia. 1 pill and this morning i woke up another person.pain and headache gone, fever too. But i am itching like crazy. Cold shower, caladril lotion helps nothing!! I did not sleep any minute tonight. Please did anybody find a way to stop this itch????

  11. Refering to my earlier post today which is not published yet unfortunately..i used fresh papaya leafs, crushed a handfull in a cup with a spoon, added about 20 seeds of black pepper and a piece of cinnamon (can be powder too) and put almost a liter of cooking water over it and let it sit for 10 min. I heard it on the radio here in Curacao that it would be the best remedy against this virus. Only there were no leaves around to buy or to find in the city of Willemstadt.on the way back to my hotel i saw a papaya tree in a garden, stopped and asked an elderly venezuelian lady for some keaves explaining her my condition. She told me to add the cinnamon and black pepper. I started as soon as i got home getting crazy from the itching. In 3 hours time i drunk about 2 liters. …and really thought bull…it in the beginning because the itching continued….now after another desperate 2 hours and another 750ml of tee….it is getting better!!!!! Yes!!! I can kay diwn niw on my bed and only itch once every 5 min…before it was 15 every minute!!! Good luck to you, get better and keave a note . Hugz xx

  12. Why died it take so long to posz a comment? There are hundrets if people in a horribke situation getti g crazy from itvhing do why cant you just post my mails? Since yestrrday no more itching at all!!! So please inform the people in need

  13. I’ve had chinkunguya, it’s been about a month since Ive had it. Some of the symptoms I’ve dealt with are swelling of my left side groin glands. Itchiness swelling of the hands and feet. Now I’m in constant pain in my hands, back and feet. I have no strength in my hands anymore and at times it hurts to walk. Waking up and getting out of bed is a struggle. Has anyone else had sometimes Simillar to what I’m dealing with. Any suggestions are welcomed.
    I’m currently drinking 2 tablespoons of coconut oil per day, it’s supposed to help the immune system. Not sure if it will help but something is better than not trying at all.


    • Not specifically treat chikungunya patients, but more so treat RECOVERING patients to assist them in easing joint pain.

  14. I also contracted Chikungunya
    While in Belize. I also suffer from severe rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. The itching oh my God it is so intense the back of my legs the trunk my arms are so full of bumps and blisters I am bruising so bad. It’s feels like somebody took my muscles and my tendons and cut them down 5 inches in resewed them together trying to walk the pain is so intense. I have tried everything over the counter to stop this itch. With no relief. I’m going on two weeks now. I’m still running a fever on and off. Does anybody have a remedy that I could tried to stop the 16th please God help me.

  15. My wife has gotten tons of red bumps that itch like crazy and I´m just starting on the itchy part as well. We haven´t tried this yet, but we´re going to since all of my wife´s family has done this and hasn´t suffered any ichiness. Get some mango leaves and steep them in water. Then bathe yourself in that water. Supposedly helps. I´ll let you all know if it works for us.

  16. Dear all, I read most of your comments and feel sorry for you all and for myself. When I contracted with this horrible virus, I had 104 Fever. Felt really sick and my doctor thought it was dengue,and started with Tolpa D, Nimulid. But soon I got rashes and he advised me to take Avil 25 for rashes. Really didnt help. Then I went to homeopathy medication. Trust me guys that really worked. On daily basis I was given quite strong pills. Well the trauma didn’t end here because I was taking medication for Dengue. Then my homeo doc advised me for another test and I was diagnosed with Chikunguniya positive. Well my relatives took me another doc who prescribed me Defza, l montus, and Roxid. This worked but take it only on doc prescription because every body is not same. But I still have joint pains. Stop wearing high heels and also straining. Eat well and detoxify body.

  17. I had been diagnosed with Chikungunya end of July 2015 and I recovered fast and well . Until almost end of August when I had a.night of itching and everything that touched my body caused itchiness. Iterax,I took as per advised and was eventually relieved. 2 days after the itchiness, joint pains (articulars) ensued. Took Arcoxia and was.relieved. Now,Sept 4, I am once again with joint pains and it’s on my left knee and ankle and right hand and shoulder.

  18. Six weeks out after Chikungunya. 4 weeks ago had a steroid shot which helped. My blood pressure has gone crazy since the steroid. Still very tired with some joint pain.
    Is this normal, how long will I have fatigue and B/P problems.

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