Asthma :: Herb Yamoa – Funtumia elastica – from Ghana for asthma and hay fever – natural asthma therapies

Yamoa powder is an asthma remedy from Ghana that remained a closely guarded secret until 1994, when a shaman revealed it to her grandson who had moved to London, and gave him permission to share it with the world. He brought the ground bark of the Yamoa gum tree (Funtumia elastica) back to England and asked 20 fellow post office workers who suffered from asthma or hay fever to try it. All reported improvement.

In fact, the asthma patients threw away their inhalers and haven?t needed them since, and they haven?t needed Yamoa again, either. More recently, in a double blind study of 78 patients, 90 percent recovered from chronic respiratory problems.

Traditionally, Yamoa powder is mixed with honey and taken by the teaspoon twice a day for one month, or ? teaspoon of the powder (which tastes bitter) is mixed with juice or water and is taken twice a day for a month. For convenience, yamoa powder is also available in capsules.

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