Breastfeeding :: Unlimited expressed breast milk on board airplanes

This is a petition to urge the Transportation Security Administration to consider breast milk to be a life sustaining and supporting body fluid for babies. This means that mothers would be allowed to carry pumped breast milk in the cabin of airplanes in any amount whether traveling with or without their infants.

“They’re not really seeing that breast milk is different than formula,” said Jesse Rattan, the Atlanta woman who crafted the online petition. “It’s a life-supporting bodily fluid for babies.”

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Association, the World Health Organization, as well as European governments and public health experts have confirmed in the last decade that breast milk is essential to the health of babies and young children. Repeated research has shown that breast milk significantly improves their health, decreases illness, and in many situations, improves infants? and young children?s chances of survival.

Infants less than six months should be exclusively fed breast milk, and WHO encourages breast-feeding for two years. Even a one year-old baby?s main source of nutrition is still breast milk, with other foods supporting only 25-50% of her total need, so breast milk is still extremely important for babies after six months of age.

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