8 Candidates for Delhi Homoeopathic Board Election

Delhi Homoeopathic Board’s electoral process is going to be held on Monday, 18th June,2012. Elections are held for four members out of nine. Earlier there 6 members used to be elected by the registered homeopathic doctors, as per amendment in 1996, 4 members are to be elected and rest are nominated.

Presently, existing 4 members are again candidates for the next board:

1. Dr. Kewal.Krishan.Juneja
2. Dr. Aditya Kaushik
3. Dr. Raj.Kumar.Sahota
4. Dr. Ramesh Chand Agarwal

And, 4 other cadidates for Delhi Homoeopathic Board Election:

1. Dr. D. K. Bhardwaj
2. Dr. V. P. Singh
3. Dr. Suman Mohan
4. Dr. Mini Mehta

The elections will be held from 10AM till 5PM at:

Delhi Homoeopathic Board
4th Floor, B-Wing, GPO Building (Vikas Bhawan-II)
Civil Lines, Delhi-110054

Be there to use your valuable vote :-)

Dr. Anil Singhal

8 Candidates for Delhi Homoeopathic Board Election
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