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Healthcare :: AAFP & Revolution Health to improve patient-physician interactions & healthcare

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), one of the nation’s largest medical associations with more than 94,000 physician and medical student members, and Revolution Health Group, a leading consumer-centric health company, announced they have formed a partnership with the shared mission to help consumers find a “medical home,” help technology work seamlessly for consumers and promote a more patient-centered model of care.

“We believe that physicians — particularly family physicians — are central to transforming health care services to make them more consumer- focused,” said Steve Case, chairman and CEO of Revolution Health Group.

“We are building RevolutionHealth.com to be an aid to physicians who want to provide their patients with an enhanced health care experience. We are working with AAFP to help improve patient-physician interactions and ultimately empower consumers to take more control over their health and health care.”

“Revolution Health is recognizing the importance of a medical home where a physician practice serves as the focal point through which all patients receive acute, chronic, preventive and end-of-life medical care that is accessible, efficient and of the highest quality,” said Rick Kellerman, M.D., president of the AAFP.

“This partnership is an opportunity for family physicians to help shape how the Internet is used to convey medical information to the general public and the patients we serve. By working with Revolution Health, the AAFP can help lay the groundwork for enhanced technology to support the patient- centered medical home,” said Kellerman.

RevolutionHealth.com provides consumers access to a range of tools to aid patients in their interactions with physician offices, including a wealth of online medical and healthy living information from the top sources like the AAFP, MayoClinic.com and Cleveland Clinic.

Family physicians will be able to direct their patients toward specific information by creating their own highly personalized home pages on RevolutionHealth.com, where they can recommend interactive tools, trackers and blogs to help improve their patients’ personal health. These patients will be better consumers, better able to discuss health issues and questions with their physicians, and better able to discuss health risks and healthy living programs.

“We are advocates for strengthening the patient-physician bond and believe the tools on our site, such as the personal health record, can help consumers engage in more meaningful and satisfying dialogue with their physicians,” said Jeff Gruen, Chief Medical Officer of Revolution Health.

As part of their agreement, RevolutionHealth.com will feature AAFP as a non-profit partner, and a group of AAFP member physicians will create practice profile pages on the site to share their philosophies with the patient community. In addition, AAFP members who would like to participate will be offered a free trial Revolution Membership.


Healthcare :: AAFP & Revolution Health to improve patient-physician interactions & healthcare
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