Healthcare :: BUSM, BMC adopt strict policy on interactions between clinicians and industry

Boston University School of Medicine and Boston Medical Center have adopted a new policy regulating interaction among clinicians and representatives of the pharmaceutical and device industries. The new policies are among the most stringent of academic medical centers in the US.

In light of the growing interest among clinicians and the public to provide transparency in the relationship between clinicians and industry, these policies will ensure that treatment decisions are as free as possible of commercial influence.

Under the terms of the new policy, clinicians are prohibited from receiving any form of gift from industry or free meals on the BUMC campus. In addition, the policy provides additional protections to ensure that all educational events and clinical care sites are as free as possible of potential financial conflicts of interest.

?This new policy is designed to enhance evidence based use of medications and devices,? said Karen Antman, MD, Provost of Boston University School Medical Campus and Dean of Boston University School of Medicine.

?This policy promotes the independence of our clinicians and establishes the highest professional standard of rigor and integrity in the care of our patients,? said Elaine Ullian, President and CEO, Boston Medical Center.

The new policy is effective immediately.

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