Health :: Revolution Health group launches, acquires CarePages

After three months in preview mode, Revolution Health has formally launched, a comprehensive health and medical information site, specially designed with the family’s Chief Health Officer – busy moms and other caregivers – in mind.

Revolution Health also announces the acquisition of TLContact, Inc., the company that provides CarePages, the leading Internet service for building online communities that support communication among family and friends when someone is receiving care.

“While Revolution Health will be a journey over many years to come, we are excited today to launch a site that is the cornerstone of our efforts to revolutionize health care,” said Steve Case, co-founder of AOL and chairman and CEO of Revolution Health. “There is a lot of great health information and tools on the Internet, but nobody has assembled them in a way that is compelling and useful for consumers who want to take more control of their family’s health. We’ve scoured the landscape to find the very best health tools and content, and we’ve put them together all in one place – and made them all free. We will continue to work to build – in partnership with dozens of organizations and millions of people – the Internet’s leading health site.”

Revolution Health has also announced the acquisition of CarePages, a rapidly growing health community that already generates 30 million monthly page views. “Our acquisition of CarePages adds an incredible service that enables friends and family to share health information and emotional support when a mother gives birth, or when a loved one faces a serious condition,” Case said.

“CarePages and Revolution Health share the same objective: to empower the consumer, the patient and the family member,” said Eric Langshur, founder and CEO of TLContact. “We are proud to bring our trusted brand to the Revolution Health family and excited about the opportunity to bring Revolution Health’s innovative tools and content to our CarePages members and the 500 leading hospitals and care providers that we work with.”

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