Nutrition :: Diarrhea and Nutrition

Diarrhea is an important cause of under nutrition. This is because nutrient requirements are increased during diarrhea, as during other infectious diseases, whereas nutrient intake and absorption are usually decreased. Each episode of diarrhea can cause weight loss and growth faltering.

Diabetes :: Diabetics must try to lose weight

Investigators at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that among 1,400 diabetics they studied, those who said they had tried to lose weight in the past year were less likely to die over the next nine years. And it didn’t matter whether they actually shed any pounds, the researchers report in the journal Diabetes Care.

Depression :: Information on Depression

Depression is one of the common problems in clinical practice, which causes social, occupational, financial, and interpersonal difficulties. It also causes increased medical morbidity and mortality through suicide. Most of the subjects suffering from depression first go to their general physicians or family physicians. However, most physicians are very busy and preoccupied with general medical problems. Moreover, the general physician is not well acquainted with psychiatric problems. The difficulty is further compounded since a number of medical illnesses may cause either secondary or reactive depression.

Weight loss :: Weight Loss and Exercise improve Life & Liver Disease

For people with chronic liver disease, losing weight and getting more exercise helps their liver function better and improves their quality of life, new research shows. The findings, which are reported in the medical journal Gut, are based on a study of 31 overweight patients with liver disease who completed a 15-month weight loss and exercise program. Eighteen patients had hepatitis C and 13 had other types of chronic liver disease.

Cancer :: Green Tea with Tumor Preventive Qualities

Drinking green tea may do more than just thwart a head cold, according to research presented today at the American Association for Cancer Research Second Annual International Conference on Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research. Green tea already is believed to help lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease, fight bacteria and dental cavities, and possibly aid weight loss. New studies are now suggesting the various potential anti-cancer benefits of the age-old beverage.

Tuberculosis :: Magic of Bacillinum

I would like to share a case of Bacillinum which, I saw under Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal. A tall, fair, dark haired female of 44 years came with complaints of fever for 7 months. The fever started after she took hormonal treatment for menorrhagia. It was a low-grade fever, never more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ovarian Cancer :: CA Ovary – Natrum mur.

A 57yrs. old lady, diagnosed as having ovarian tumour had been given one course of chemotherapy that had further deteriorated her condition by inducing vomiting and weight loss.

Weight loss :: Weight loss and ailments

Fighting excess weight by cutting back on calories does not work if the cause for your excess weight gain is a medical condition. Nutritionist Dr. Shikha Sharma says obesity could be linked to medical conditions such as: