Sunstroke or Heatstroke & Homoeopathy

It is also known as Heat stroke or Heat hyperpyrexia. Very often in summers there are news in daily papers about the deaths occuring because of heat stroke. But rarely people think about this cause of death and that what it is? Why it affects and how it affects? And what measures can be taken to prevent it, and what should be done after sunstroke. This all I would like to discuss here. So that all the cases of sunstroke should not prove fatal.

Sunstroke or Heatstroke & Homoeopathy

Belly full of danger

Doctors should measure more than your weight at appointments. They should measure your waist. For years, scientists have observed that an apple-shaped figure or a big beer belly is a health risk. But now they have gained more insight into why this is so.

You exercise more than you know it

Good news for people who constantly fret about not burning enough calories. A new research has revealed that people in fact exercise more than they think.

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