Vasectomy :: Popularity of vasectomy in New Zealand

A study at The University of Auckland is looking at the reasons behind New Zealand?s high rate of vasectomies.

New Zealand is one of only a few countries where male sterilisation is more frequent than female sterilisation and has one of the highest rates of vasectomy per head of population in the world. The University research is investigating why vasectomy is so popular in New Zealand and the factors that men consider prior to having the procedure.

“Vasectomy is an extremely popular form of contraception in New Zealand, with around 18% of men having had the operation, and nearly 25% of married men,” says Gareth Terry, the psychology PhD student conducting the research. “Most men take over a year to come to a decision about whether or not to have a vasectomy. We are looking at the decisions they make before committing to or deciding against sterilisation.”

The study is looking for men who would be willing to be interviewed about their decisions before and after having, or considering, a vasectomy, particularly those that had a vasectomy without fathering children.

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