Uterus Transplant :: Uterus transplant planned in US hospital

Uterus transplant could help many women fulfil the desire to have a child, as this is a tremendous driving force for many women, especially who cannot bear children because of a malfunctioning uterus. Doctors in a New York hospital are planning the first uterus transplant and are screening women who would have a chance to bear children.

The wombs would come from dead donors, just as most other organs do, and would be removed after the recipient gives birth so she would not need anti-rejection drugs her whole life. The ethics board of the New York Downtown Hospital has conditionally approved the plans, although the hospital’s president warned women not to get false hopes because a transplant is not expected “any time in the near future.”

Uterus transplant raises a set of very difficult medical and ethical questions, and has stirred objections from some transplant, fertility specialists and medical ethicists who question whether the procedure has been tested sufficiently on animals and whether the benefit of being able to carry a pregnancy outweighs the risks for women and foetus.

Several experts said the plans highlight the unique status that childbearing holds in the United States and elsewhere, and the lengths to which some women will go to experience it, even with the availability of such options as adoption and surrogacy.

It is noted that Saudi uterus transplant team performed world’s first uterus transplant, that lasted 99 days, produced 2 menstrual periods.


Uterus Transplant :: Uterus transplant planned in US hospital
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