Urticaria :: Hives, urticarea, nettle rash – Alternative Treatments

Oatmeal baths and anti-pruritic lotions can also be used to relieve the itching.

Detox baths usually consist of aromatherapic remedies such as Epsom salt in combination with body oil and water at high temperatures for 20 minutes. The method essentially forces the skin to perspire and excrete any potential toxin. It is not recommended for individuals with heart conditions. Efficacy of detox baths is suspect at best.

Chem-Free Technique, otherwise known as Organic technique, is a new method claimed to be very effective against chronic urticaria. It directly counters detergent residue chemical compounds by reducing toxicity levels in the body. In the United States this method has not been well-promoted, since treatments are historically prescription and insurance oriented. It is perhaps the safest among all treatments. The technique requires the patient to wear newly acquired clothes that have never come in contact with laundry detergent chemicals. The clothes collection do include bed sheets and bath towels, which must all be washed with cold-water long rinse cycles and high volumes of baking soda (NaHCO3). Clothes must also be hung dry to eliminate heat combustion with existing chemical residue in dryer. The patient’s skin can only come in contact with the chemical-free clothes for the entire duration of 8-10 weeks. There should be a noticeable immune system boost after 4-6 weeks, followed by significant reduction if not complete elimination in hives count. This method has been proven to work for individuals suffering as much as 5 years of chronic urticaria.

Frequent use of moisturizers on the skin will add an extra layer of protection.

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