Tumor :: Growths hanging from both nostrils – Thuja

Mr. P., aged 24 years came to consult me for 2 small guava size growths hanging from both nostrils. These new growths so completely filled up his nostrils that he was not able to breathe.

All the discharges were held up inside and the tip of the nose was raised up with swelling which completely distorted his face.

This man was employed in the Post and Telegraph Department as a sorter. For some time he carried on his work but as the swelling began to increase and held back all the discharges, there was very offensive smell which made it difficult for others to sit near him and work.

At times few drops of pus also dropped from the nose. His co-workers asked him to take leave. He consulted some doctor who advised him operation the cost of which he was not able to afford.

So he decided to consult me. The growth was cauliflower like. I prescribed Thuja 200 3 doses daily for 2 days and Placebo for another 2 days and asked him to report back on the 5th day. This man came back on the 3rd day.

I was surprised to see that the new growths were not there and his face looked normal. I asked him when it happened. He told that last night when he was going to bed both the new growths dropped down on the pillow along with the large amount of dirty material which was very offensive. He washed his face and looked his face in the mirror. He was able to take breath through the nose.

I gave him Placebo for a week. Only 6 doses of Thuja 200 did all this.

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