Tuberculosis :: Seminar on treatment & managment of TB

IIHP Khanna (Pb) unit organised one day audio-vedio seminar on Treatment and managmnt of Tuberculosis with classical homoeopathy on 28th March at Shiv Ashram, Khanna. The hall with capacity of 150 was 100% full. Delegates not only from Punjab ut Chandigarh, Haryana, U.P, Delhi, Rajasthan, H.P, J&K etc. states were present.

Amongst the degnatories were Dr. P.S. Ranu Chairman CHSM Pb, Dr. T.P. Singh Dean (homoeo) Baba Farid University of Health scieces Pb, Dr. JBD Castro, Dr.Meera Castro, Dr. A.S.Mann, Dr. Avtar Singh, Dr. B.S. Chandhok, Dr. R K Trigotra, Dr.Ripudaman, Dr.Dushyant (J&K) etc Dr. K.K. Goel MBBS,MF(Homoeo London) from Agra was the chief speaker who discussed cured cases suffering from Tuberculosis with simple medicines that too within fortnight to 6 months. He showed all the documents like Xrays, Lab tests etc to varify his point.

He told ‘As a principal investigator of TB project I am going to help every homeopath who wants to treat TB patients’. TB is increasing worldwide. The conquest of this disease will not be achieved by medical advances alone, because tools for treatment and control that are currently available have made little impact on TB scenario. So, we homeopaths must come forward to help in controlling TB.

Although ?DOTS? may be effective in controlling traditional TB, the multidrug resistant tuberculosis can emerge even in a setting in which DOTS has been well established. It will be difficult to check the spread of tuberculosis since DOTS has no provision for drug resistant strains and, moreover, it is providing no preventive procedures to check the recurrence of the disease. On the other hand constitutional homeopathic treatment not only treat the disease but checks its recurrence and spread too.

In such circumstances, it is most important to find-out a system, which has proved to be effective, safe, and cost-effective. Reliable evidences are available to show the effectiveness of homeopathy in tuberculosis, it can cure the disease just within few months and without fibrosis. I would like to highlight the results of homeopathy in drug resistant TB by showing number of case studies.

Homeopathic responses cannot be masked by violent allopathic medicines i.e. you can add your treatment to patients who are already taking allopathic treatment and may get good synergistic action of both treatments.

I found homeopathy is best Immunomodulator – drug resistant bacilli become drug sensitive under homeopathic treatment.

Though, I know that TB is a complex disease yet I feel that homeopathy treats TB patient in a better way.

It is the beginning of homeopathic (my) commitment to fighting TB no matter whom they have infected, no matter how they have been treated previously and no matter which organ they have damaged.’

During the seminar 1st issue of Rational Physician the official magazene of IIHP was also released by Dr. T.P. Singh, Dr. Ranu & Dr Goyal in presence of all the delegates.

MENTAL PERSONALITIES WITH THEIR LINKING RUBRICS written by Dr Kapil Sharma MD (Homoeo) was also released by the visiting physician & chief guest on this occasion. The worthy author declared that all the income from this book will be donated to IIHP’s research projects which was highly applauded by all.

28 New Life members were also inducted to the folds of IIHP by Dr. Vithal national Vice president & Naional CEC member Dr. B S Chandhok(Chd) by pining them with lapels & giving them their kits with certificates.