Urinary tract infection :: Recurring UTI and a strange dream – Cenchris

Mrs. A, aged 40 yrs., presented with complaints of recurrent UTI since 5 yrs. There was increased frequency of urination < after 5 P.M., night. Burning after passing urine, sensation as if something is blocking the canal.Headache since 8 yrs.
More on left side. Throbbing pain.

Numbness of hands with pain in morning on waking since 4 yrs.

Past History – Renal stone (Left sided)

Family History – N.S.

Physicals Generals – T/R – Hot++
App. – Decreased
Thirst – Normal
Stool – Sometimes complain of constipation
Desire – Sour++; fried food; cold drinks++.
Fried food <
Sleep – Disturbed due to increased frequency of urination; otherwise normal.

Dreams – That she is naked.

Mental Generals – Anger++- Expressive
Worried about her husband – s job (He is currently jobless).
Anxiety about future.

First prescription (02/06/2002) – Cenchris 30 2 doses followed by placebo.

Follow Ups –

03/06/2002 – Burning and frequency decreased.

09/06/2002 – Numbness was better.
There were 2 episodes of headache during this period which lasted for shorter duration than earlier episodes.

S/L continued for 2 weeks.

23/06/2002 – General condition better.

19/02/2004- She has been keeping well since her last visit to my clinic. Today she has come for her son.

Comments – Considering that the complaints were mainly left sided, she is a hot patient, desires sour, is suspicious, Lachesis seemed to fit the picture. But the dream that she is naked guided to another snake poison Cenchris.

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