Trichotillomania :: The Hair Pulling

“The Hair Pulling ‘Habit’ and You: How to Solve the Trichotillomania Puzzle,” by Ruth Golomb and Sherrie Vavrichek, is a long overdue and welcome addition to the field of popular psychiatry self-help books. This book offers education regarding trichotillomania, and practical, easily implemented techniques. It addresses one of the most underrecognized problems in psychiatry and offers much hope to one the most underserved clinical populations. What it has to offer is especially valuable given that many sufferers are either too ashamed of their problem to pursue professional intervention, or are unable to identify a knowledgable professional in their area.

This self-instructional text is easily readable and provides fun yet instructional exercises which demonstrate the major behavioral treatment techniques. The organization of the book is in a series of self-contained modules which succeed in breaking down what can be an overwhelming and complex problem into a series of simple, focussed steps.

The information is highly accessible to children, and is based upon the latest understandings of this serious disorder.

This is an easy to read, informative book for “tweens” with a hair pulling problem.

This book also is very informative for parents or therapists who are trying to help their child or patient through this disorder. The book is easy to follow, fleshing out a simple, step-by-step approach to understand and help one get through trich.

The procedures presented are based on state-of-the-art theories and techniques developed by the authors and their colleagues, nationally known experts who have led the field in creating sound, scientifically based treatment programs for trichotillomania.

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