Better Tourist Amenities at Amritsar and Rai Bareilli

Ministry of Tourism has undertaken joint development of tourist amenities at Amritsar and Rai Bareilli Railway Stations in association with Ministry of Railways.

A Central Government assistance of Rs.10.20 crores is being provided by the Tourism Ministry.

As part of the joint initiative, Ministry of Railways shall make land for the project available free of cost and render all possible assistance for completion of the project on time.

The first instalment of Rs.4.50 crore has already been sanctioned by Ministry of Tourism to the Ministry of Railways for undertaking the work.

Better Tourist Amenities at Amritsar and Rai Bareilli would increase its attractiveness would contribute to more comfort and convenience for tourists.

These amenities might include attractive guest rooms (lodging), Wi-Fi, dining, parks, health club facilities, lifts, and services.

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