Technique for PNS X-rays

Sinusitis is the most common health care complaint, and most cases of sinusitis are diagnosed by the family practitioners, based upon the history and physical examination. In many cases, the patient responds to medical management and no imaging is necessary.

There are many situations in which plain radiography may be used to diagnose paranasal sinus pathology.

The standard views include the Water’s, Caldwell, lateral and basal views.

1. Water’s View: (Occipito-mental)
The Water’s view is the primary view to observe the maxillary antra and the anterior ethmoid sinuses. The orbits, nasal cavities and zygomatic arches are also well seen.

2. Caldwell view: (Occipito-frontal)
This view highlights posterior ethmoid cells and frontal sinuses.

3. Lateral view:
This view displays an air-fluid level in the sphenoid sinus. The sella turcica and naso-pharynx are well seen.

4. Basal view:
This view provides comparison of each sphenoid sinus, and also the ethmoid sinuses and nasal cavities.

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