Bryonia alba

Materia Medica – A Complete Drug Picture of Bryonia Alba – for homeopathic students

Origin & Meaning

bryony – climbing plant (latin)
alba – white


Plant Kingdom

Common name/Synonyms

Bryonia alba vulg.
Vitis Alba
Vitis nigris
White Bryony
Wild Hops



Habitat/Geographical Distribution

North of Europe, Germany, some parts of France, Spain, and north of Italy.


Perennial plant, herbaceous climbers, with simple tendrils, and stalked, alternate leaves
Leaves cordate, five – lobed, dentate, calloso – scabrous
Flowers racemose, corymbose, monoecious
Calyx, in fertile flowers, as long as corolla
Stigma smooth
Berry black

Active Constituents

an alkaloid – bryonicin, and
two glycosides – bryonin and bryonidin

Part used

Fresh roots


A tincture is prepared from the fresh root of Bryonia alba, procured before flowering, therefore the month of June.
(a) Mother Tincture Q
Drug strength 1/10
Bryonia Alba in coarse powder 100g
Purified Water 400 ml
Strong Alcohol 635 ml
To make one thousand millilitres of the tincture.
(b) Potencies
2x to contain one part tincture, four parts Purified Water and five parts Strong Alcohol. 3x with dilute alcohol, 4x and higher with dispensing alcohol.

Proved by

The plant proved by Hahnemann is the Bryonia alba
Published in 1816 in 2nd part of MMP
Reproved by Austrian Society of Homoeopaths, and Berridge


Hahnemann’s MMP
Allen’s Encyclopedia
Hering’s Guiding Sx
Hughes’ Cyclopedia

Spheres of Action

serous membranes
mucous membranes
fibrous tissue
respiratory system
right sided affections


Tall slender persons with black hair, dark complexion, tendency to constipation.
Rheumatic diathesis.
People with choleric temperament, bilious tendency – irritable temperament
Hot, generally agg. by warmth


Irritable, inclined to be angry
< when disturbed; wants to be left alone

anxiety, sad
Fear of poverty
Talks continuously about his business
Constant worrying about money

desires to escape – desires to get out of bed – wants to go home
desire for things which are refused when offered

Chracteristics/Guiding Sx

All complaints develop slowly – insiduous onset
Worse from motion, movements
Dryness of mucous membranes
Thirst for large quantities of cold water
Stitching pains
Right Sided
Worse motion, worse morning on rising,
Better rest, better pressure


warm weather after cold days
from chilling when overheated
from draft of cold wind
suppressed discharges


Motion [rising – from lying; stooping; exertion; coughing; deep breathing; jar; sneezing; swallowing; motion of eyes]
Sitting up
Hot [becoming; room; weather; summer]. Warmth
Suppression of eruptions or discharges
Lying on painless side.


Absolute Rest
Lying on painful side; bandage, etc.
Lying still
Cold – air, eating cold things



Headache: when stooping, as if brain would burst through forehead; from ironing; on coughing; in morning after rising or when first opening the eyes; commencing in the morning, gradually increasing until evening; from constipation.


< motion
Patient cannot sit up from nausea and faintness.


Lips and tongue dry, parched, cracked.
Great thirst.
Dry white coating on tongue


Great thirst for large quantities at long intervals.
Patient cannot sit up from nausea and faintness.
Pressure as from stone at pit of the stomach, relieved by eructation


Constipation: inactive no inclination; stool large, hard, dark, dry, as if burnt; on going to sea
Diarrhoea: during a spell of hot weather; bilious, acrid with soreness of anus; like dirty water; of undigested food; from cold drinks when overheated, from fruit or sour krout; agg. in morning, on moving, even a hand or foot.


Epistaxis; ; nosebleed when menses should appear


Cough, dry, hard, racking, with scanty expectoration
Cough: dry, spasmodic, with gagging and vomiting; with stitches in side of chest; with head ache, as if head would fly to pieces; agg. after eating drinking, entering a warm room, a deep inspiration.
Cough hurts head and chest, holds them with hands


Constant motion of left arm and leg
Pains; stitching, tearing, worse at night; agg. by motion, inspiration, coughing; amel. by absolute rest, and lying on painful side
Rheumatism of joints; with pale swelling, great pain, worse on touch or least motion.


Urine, dark and scanty


Vicarious menstruation; nosebleed when menses should appear
Mammae heavy, of a stony hardness; pale but hard; hot and painful; must support the breasts
Mastitis; breasts pale, hot, hard, heavy and painful.


Desires things immediately which are not to be had, or which when offered are refused.
Children dislike to be carried, or to be raised.








Complementary: Alumina, Rhus.
Acute of Alumina. Alumina is chronic of Bryonia.
Antidoted by: Alumina, Rhus-t.
Similar: Bell., Hep.
Follows After Bryonia: Alum., Kali c., Nux, Phos., Rhus, Sulph.

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