Takayasu Disease and Homoeopathy

A disorder marked by progressive closure of several arteries having their origin in the aortic arch (carotid arteries). Signs of the disorder are absence of a pulse in both arms and in the carotid arteries. Other signs are temporary paralysis of the lower part of the body (paraplegia), temporary blindness, and wasting of facial muscles.

– thickening of wall of aortic arch + thoracic aorta
– chronic obliterative arteritis of subclavian + carotid arteries
– diminished pulses in upper extremities

/ta’kya’sz/, Takayasu’s arteritis, brachiocephalic arteritis, giant cell arteritis, aortic arch syndrome, also called brachiocephalic arteritis, Martorell’s syndrome, pulseless disease, reversed coarctation.

15 – 45 years old.

Predominantly female.

Aorta, and arteries only.

More common in Far East or India.

Granulomatous with fibrosis and stenosis, in acute stage like temporal arteritis. In late stage, nonspecific fibrosis and chronic inflammation.

Aneurysmal dilatation and rupture may result. Complications result from decreased blood flow to brain, kidney, and from associated hypertension.

Patient’s Name: Km. Priti, Age: 22 Yrs. R/O Giri Lake Colony, Kashipur (Uttaranchal)

Hypertension- progressive, + 4 in SP and +2 in DP every month, but now could not be measured due to no pulse. About four months ago, it was 170/102 mm Hg.
General debilty, progressive.
Weakness, paralytic, of lower limbs.
No pulse.
Cheeks sunken.

MR Angiography- Shrunken, stiff and fragile carotids, hard, constricted non contractile aorta.
RA factor- Positive.
G-6pd- Deficient.
Hb- 6.2 – 7.9 in whole course.
Anemia +++
Pain joints- +
Pain joints, wandering, erratic +++
Thirstlessness +
Emaciation ++
Pulse Dimished ++
Pulse imperceptible +++
Pulse Feeble +++
Pulse weak +++
Weakness Paralytic lower limbs +++
Irritability +
Company aversion to ++
Weeping Desire to +++
Consolation agg. +
Desire Sweets ++
Aversion sour +
H/O pulm. Tuberculosis in Child hood.


Tuberculinum 1m Three doses on 11-02-2001
Sac lac x 15 days.
No Change.

Cactus g 30 TDS
No Change.

Baryta Mur 6x TDS

Marked Improvement.
Treatment continued till now but improvement has been stopped for last 6 months.
Condition stable. No further deterioration.

Is there any more hope? Please help!

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  1. my 25 years old sister is suffering from takayasu Arteritis. Her doctors have expressed a severe risk in surgery. please let me know if there is a homeopathy treatment for the disease. She is into medication these days.

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