Smoking :: Smoking cessation with homoeopathy

One very efective aid to quitting smoking is – HOMOEOPATHY. Yes, homoeopathy has proved that it is surely the one of the best and safest methods to overcome addiction to tobacco.

Homoeopathy also helps to relieve all these symptoms without any toxic overload to the body system. Homoeopathic intervention is also beneficial for controlling the craving and feelings of withdrawl.

Homoeopathy, a science which is believed to be gentle and effective and is believed to treat the diseases from its roots, not only works in minor ailments, but also in life saving diseases along with the psychosomatic ailments.

Dr. Rachna Singh, Homoeopathic Consultant along with the Psychology department at Escorts, is conducting research on the same at Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre. The results of this research show the efficacy of homoeopathic medicines in helping the smokers quitting this habit. Many smokers have been able to quit smoking completely with the help of homoeopathy. Homoeopathic medicine help to flush nicotine and other smoke pollutants from your system and ease the typical withdrawl symptoms. Homoeopathy will surely help you

Breathe easier, have fresh breath again and basically new set of lungs and heart that beats easier now that it’s not competing with nicotine.


Smoking :: Smoking cessation with homoeopathy
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  1. Dear Dr.Rachna singh,thanks for your article to quit smoking thats surely a nice step to help the smoker for better health.But you have not mentioned the name of remedy that will help.Kindly mention the name.Yours truely,malaker