Smoking :: Smoking ban provides opportunity to quit

The ban on smoking in public places in Wales, which came into force on Monday (2 April) provides a great opportunity for thousands of smokers to quit according to the National Public Health Service for Wales.

The evidence from the bans in Ireland and Scotland is that many smokers were prompted to try to give up smoking.

Julia James, head of the All Wales Smoking Cessation Service said, ?Our Smoking Cessation Service in Wales is available to help people make the most of this opportunity to stop smoking.

?The service provides free one to one and group support sessions to people who want to quit. We offer a six week structured programme, where smokers learn how to cope with cravings and how to overcome difficult situations, like being at a party or feeling nervous or bored. It also gives advice on nicotine replacement therapy and other products that help people quit. There are clinics in local venues all across Wales.

?Evidence shows that people are four times more likely to succeed in giving up if they come to the service than if they try in other ways.

?In preparation for the ban, with additional funding from the Welsh Assembly Government, we have increased the number of smoking cessation specialists by nearly 25 per cent.?

People can contact the smoking cessation service direct on 0800 085 2219 or they can be referred by their GP or pharmacist.

Andrew Jones, acting Director of Health Improvement for the National Public Health Service for Wales said, ?This is a very important day for public health. From Monday, Wales will be a healthier place for us all to work and live in.

?I know the smoking ban will bring enormous health benefits to Wales. It will help to protect people from second-hand smoke.

?The science is clear. Environmental tobacco smoke damages the health of non-smokers. The smoking ban gives people a great reason to quit.

?It?s never too late to stop smoking. You can benefit at any age and the benefits of quitting begin straight away. I encourage smokers to consider quitting and to contact the smoking cessation service.?

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