Prostate Cancer :: Selenium reduces prostate cancer risks

High selenium levels may be protective against prostate cancer, a new study reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Researchers aimed to investigate the association between serum selenium and prostate cancer risk and to examine interactions with other antioxidants and tobacco use.

Overall, serum selenium was not associated with prostate cancer risk; however, higher serum selenium was associated with lower risks in men reporting a high vitamin E intake for the highest compared with the lowest quartile of selenium and in multivitamin users. Furthermore, among smokers, high serum selenium concentrations were related to reduced prostate cancer risk.

Researchers concluded that greater prediagnostic serum selenium concentrations were not associated with prostate cancer risk in this large cohort, although greater concentrations were associated with reduced prostate cancer risks in men who reported a high intake of vitamin E, in multivitamin users, and in smokers.

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