Pregnancy :: Early baby gender test prompts abortion fears

DNA Worldwide launched the sale of Early gender test kit on its website 189 pounds. The test is being sold on the internet that enables parents to check the sex of the unborn baby at just six weeks.

Pro-life campaigners are warning of a rise in abortions with the release this week of a new DNA testing kit that can show the sex of a baby.

One of the most exciting outcomes of recent genetic research, allows gender testing and is the discovery that there is fetal DNA in an expectant mother?s blood as soon as six weeks gestation all the way through to delivery of the child. During pregnancy, small amounts of the baby?s DNA pass into the mother?s blood stream; so with a finger prick from the mother, researchers can analyze the baby?s DNA. If DNA from a Y-chromosome is detected, they can confidently determine she will have a baby boy. If there is no DNA from a Y-chromosome, they can determine with equal confidence that she will have a girl. The early baby gender test is that simple.

Early Gender Testing samples are analyzed in the lab with a process known as PCR. The classic study validating the PCR method for detecting gender was published in the journal Human Genetics in 2005. Scientists in Italy (Galbiati et al) obtained blood from 1,837 pregnant women at different stages of pregnancy as early as 6 weeks pregnant. They identified and tested fetal DNA by PCR.

The woman included those with previous pregnancies, miscarriages and live births. After the women gave birth, their results were 99% accurate for predicting fetal sex. Note that if the lab detects Y-DNA in the maternal blood, this is a very certain results suggesting the unborn child is a boy. However, there is a small possibility that there may be very little Y-DNA present which would be below the level of detection.

DNA Worldwide says “Once you order your gender test, a kit will be promptly mailed to you. The test kit comes pre-packed with everything you will need to take a small painless finger prick and send your blood spot to the laboratory, including a prepaid return envelope. Simply drop this in the mail with your blood spot, and you will know the gender of your baby within 4-6 days.”

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