Plastic Surgery :: Most women consider having cosmetic, plastic surgery

More than half of British women say they would consider having cosmetic surgery and nearly all “constantly worry about their body shape and size”, according to a survey of 1,000 women whose average age was 34.

They are unhappy with their
hips/thighs (81 per cent),
waist (71 per cent),
legs (70 per cent),
breasts (66 per cent ),
bottom (73 per cent),
ankles (63 per cent),
feet (63 per cent),
arms (73 per cent),
face (68 per cent),
hands (62 per cent),
teeth (65 per cent) and
hair (50 per cent).

Eight out of 10 wish they were slimmer although only 27 per cent of the survey sample for Grazia magazine were overweight. Seven out of 10 of the women dieted.

At the top of a list of ‘most wanted’ treatments were
liposuction (42 per cent),
Botox injections (39 per cent),
skin resurfacing (37 per cent) and
eyelid lift or bags removed, (29 per cent).

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