Obesity :: Obesity in low income US hispanic children

A US study of low income families has found that Hispanic children are twice as likely to be obese as white or black children. The study is published in American Journal of Public Health.

Study “Racial and Ethnic Differentials in Children?s Overweight and Obesity Among 3-Year-Olds” was conducted by Rachel Tolbert Kimbro 1*, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn 2, Sara McLanahan 3 (1 University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2 Columbia University, 3 Princeton University)

Researchers said “We estimated racial/ethnic differences in overweight and obesity in a national sample of 3-year-olds from urban, low-income families and assessed possible determinants of differences. Thirty-five percent of the study children were overweight or obese. Hispanic children were twice as likely as either Black or White children to be overweight or obese. “

“Although we controlled for a wide variety of characteristics, we were unable to explain either White-Hispanic or Black-Hispanic differences in overweight and obesity. However, birthweight, taking a bottle to bed, and mother?s weight status were important predictors of children?s overweight or obesity at age 3 years. “

Researchers concluded that Children?s problems with overweight and obesity begin as early as age 3, and Hispanic children and those with obese mothers are especially at risk.

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