Nutrition :: World markets waiting to lap up natural Omega-3 Aussie dairy products

An Australian dairy business has been rewarded for its work in developing lucrative local and export markets for milk, that is naturally-rich in healthy Omega-3 oils.

Australian Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Peter McGauran, presented a commemorative award to northern Tasmanian dairy company, Naturale, at the Sungold Field Days in Allansford this week. Naturale is working with Warrnambool Cheese and Butter, producers of Sungold Milk, to commercialise natural Omega-3 milk and other dairy products.

?Omega-3 dairy are immensely popular, especially in Asia and Europe, but the oils are usually artificially added as a chemical during processing,? Mr McGauran said.

?However, using a process developed by the CSIRO, Naturale feeds their cows a carefully designed diet rich in Omega-3 that makes them ?natural factories? for producing milk rich in Omega-3 oils.?

Importantly the milk has no residual flavours or textures and its taste puts it among the best dairy products available on the market.

?The commercial potential for clean, green Australian dairy products naturally rich in Omega-3 is enormous,? the Minister said.

?The health-conscious world is waiting to literally lap up these products.?

Mr McGauran said that Naturale had received funding from the Government?s Food Processing in Regional Australia Programme (FPRAP) to further the production and marketing of its Omega-3 milk.

The Naturale Omega-3 milk project is an excellent response to local and global market demands.?

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